Directed by Andrés López-Alicea

Written by Mallory Jane Weiss

The New School College of Performing Arts – School of Drama Directing Festival

School of Drama Theater
151 Bank Street, 3rd Floor, New York City


Katharine Chin

Tori Ernst

Hallie Schwartz

Hyojin Park

Ryan Cooper

Collin McConnell

Chris Costa


Raphael Mishler (Scenic Design)

Grier Coleman (Costume Design)

Dante Olivia Smith (Lighting Design)

Megan Culley (Sound Design)

Francisco Rivera Rodriguez (Assistant Director)

Jonathan Castanien (Stage Manager)

Photography by: Nathaniel Johnston

A Wild West

A world where men ride horses and women ride bicycles. A world that is changed forever when Ruthie’s husband, Jack (biggest pistol in town), wins three larger-than-life stallions in an auction. Hell-bent on riding the stallions, Ruthie finds herself enticed by Rooster and Pearl, two women with their eyes set on the horizon line, on a place impossible to reach by bicycle. With the help from a forward-thinking heifer (yes, a cow), the women discover the kind of strength female friendship can inspire. And ultimately, they try to find a place all their own.



A creative work before rehearsal process.