Miguel Will

By José Carlos Somoza

Directed by Dean Zayas
Teatro Círculo
Baruch College Theatre


This production has a great cast of Latin actors led by Fermín Suárez (as William Shakespeare), Juan Luis Acevedo (in the roles of Burbage and Don Quixote), Andrés López Alicea (as John Fletcher), Eva Cristina Vásquez (as John Rice and the Maid), Johary Ramos (as Henry Condell), Omar Pérez (in the roles of Heminge and Sancho), Diana Chery (as John Rice and the Maid), Christopher Cuevas (as John Lowin) and Jean Carlos Rivera (as Alexander Cooke).

MIGUEL WILL directed by the internationally renowned director Dean Zayas, presents the conflict that Shakespeare and his troupe of actors face while rehearsing Cardenio (Shakespeare’s last play) which is based on the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha. When Shakespeare tries to understand the complexities of Cervantes’ famous character, he loses his good judgement in hilarious scenes. In an amazing mix up of identities, the genius and destiny of both writers’ merge into the same madness.

Lighting design: Joan Racho-Jansen

Set design by Israel Franco-Müller.

Harry Nadal is the costume assessor

Photos and Videos: Juan Manuel Salcito