With the luggage to New York

Directed, written and performed by Andrés López-Alicea
Producciones Arte Zanquia’o
Teatro Luis M. Arcelay, Caguas PR

Guest Artists:

Michelle Colon, Bianca P. Vargas, Ruth E. Torres, Linodka Figueroa, Amanda S. Rodíguez, Jaime L. Colón,  Ivonne Denizac, Nelson Luquis, Marieli Durán, Milenis Alfonso, Mileni Reyes, Tamil Ortiz, Roxana Miranda, Natalia Calo, Thirsa Ramos, Julio Lozada and Ruth E. Torres.

A farewell show where Andrés talks about his early life as an artist and his decision to leave his island, to continue his studies in New York.

Choreographer: Jaime L. Colón

Public Relations : Ruth E. Torres

Photos and Videos: Joel Pérez Ortíz

Video Editing: Andrés López-Alicea