Curated by Teatro 220

LATEA, Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

Directed by Andrés López-Alicea
Music and Lyrics by Venuz María Delmar
Script: Andrés López-Alicea


Gilberto Gabriel
Christopher Cuevas
Braulio Basilio
Luis Ponce
Úrsula Tinoco
Venuz María Delmar
Andrés López Alicea

Creative Team:

Set and Lighting Design: Omayra Garriga
Costume Design: Teatro 220 with the supervision of Karim Rivera Rosado
Choreography: Andrés López-Alicea
Stage Manager  and Board Operator: Karim Rivera Rosado
Photos:Frank Fantini
Graphic Design: Andrés López-Alicea
Social Media/Program:
Venuz María Delmar, Andrés López-Alicea


LATEA Theatre and the improvisation troupe Teatro 220, presented the new comedy show, “LOS SÚPER AGENTES”, (The Super Agents)This show reunites the creativity of seven Latin-American actors who, as Agents with Super Powers, will have to find seven objects, rescue the Mayor and save Imprópolis City, before it gets destroyed. An improvised comedy show in Spanish, where you will be part of our citizens, helping us to save the world.