Directed and written by

Ramiro Antontio Sandoval

translated to Spanish by Edna Lee Figueroa


The Thank
312 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018


Klara Lopera-Sánchez

Andrés López-Alicea

Vanessa Hernández

Jei Fabiano

Original Music by Samuel Torres

Stage Design Verónica Álvarez and Edu Canal with Omayra Garriga, Alex Mendoza and Elisabeth Díaz Cintrón

Technical Coordination Omayra Garriga, Jorge Berrios Cuevas

Lighting Design by Karim Rivera Rosado

Costume Design by Alejandra Laverde with Bibiana Torres Rey

Production Assistant Juan Esteban Velez

Development Director Natalia Zubieta.

Photos by Johanna Bock

In the Eye of the Needle

Three characters challenge each other’s imagination on their coexistence in a ‘far-away-so-close’ location from our actual condition.

“Always have a plan B and know where the nearest exit is”

At the count of four, three, two …missing!

…You better catch them before the wall is up!

En el Ojo de la Aguja (In the eye of the needle) is a contemporary tragicomedy, a collective creation written by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval with the participation of Johanna Bock. (Spanish translation based on the free interpretation by Edna Lee Figueroa)