Directed and Written by Andrés López-Alicea and Pedro Luis Semidey
Producciones Arte Zanquia’o
Teatro Braulio Castillo, Bayamón, P.R.

Featuring: Pedro A. Sánchez, Jaime Colón, Cynthia Crispín, Paul Franco, Kaythia González, Bileidy Hernández, José Miguel Irizarry, Joshua López, Héctor Márquez, Joey Pérez, Yolanda Rojas, Cynthia Sánchez, Merari Semidey, Nashaly Semidey.

A famous speaker is at the top of his career when suddenly he realizes that his words are worthless for the change he wanted for society. After this, he decides to take a turn in his life to become a writer. Using his gift to write the words in the right people so they can be his voice in earth.

Choreography: Pedro Luis Semidey

Original Story by: Pedro Luis Semidey y Dary Semidey

Production Design: Andrés López-Alicea

Public Relations: Ruth E. Torres

Photos: Yamil Ortíz y Joel Pérez

Video and Editing: Joel Pérez Ortíz