Alfredo Gris’ Death

Written by Rodolfo Santana

Directed by Andrés López-Alicea

Teatrito Universidad de Puerto Rico

Featuring: Hiram Delgado, Américo Céspedes, Adriana Ruscalleda y Luis Gabriel Joet Santiago

Two prisoners trying to survive in a prison full of injustices and prejudices. Alfredo Gris being innocent of a crime, is tortured and manipulated by the system forcing him to confess a crime he didn’t committed. Alfredo starts forgetting his identity pretending to be someone he is not in order to survive in a toxic system.

Stage Manager: Yadiliz Barbosa

Set Designer: Ken Chinea

Costume Designer: Xavier Carmona

Diseño de Iluminación: Gabriel Eduardo Jiménez, Angelina E. Rodríguez, Joely Marcano, Marina Vargas.

Makeup Designer: Jonathan Amaro

Photos by: University of Puerto Rico